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The International Mentors Team is an elite group of network marketers that will stand by your side in your journey to success.

Jeff Altgilbers


International Mentors Team (IMT) was created to bring new leaders quickly up to speed by giving them the tools and training they need for success. Strong membership is crucial in MLM and my International Mentors Team provides the mentorship and support that you need to move ahead quickly.

If you’re looking for the next step in your life, you’ve found it. Let us mentor you so that you can achieve financial independence – with support and direction – through your own home based business. Network marketing through 4Life has allowed people to realize their dreams. We have helped thousands earn five figure monthly incomes and some are multi-millionaires today! Let us help you take the next step towards a future of unlimited potential, success and happiness!

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Jeff Altgilbers,
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IMT4Life International Mentros Team, IMT, IMT4Life mentors team, This opportunity extends beyond providing you the tools. IMT enhances the opportunity with state of the art support and mentoring. This system will change your life. There’s a revolution taking place in the direct sales and network marketing industry and it’s happening here at 4Life. Why wait to achieve all that you want when everything you could every need and desire is available to you right now? It’s an opportunity of a lifetime – an opportunity to join a team of people just as dedicated as you are to making a change in their life, to enjoying their family and their time to the fullest, to putting the work into making a transformation and paving the road toward success. You may not have considered an MLM business opportunity; network marketing may seem like a tenuous foundation on which to build a successful future. With 4Life, however, there is no stronger foundation on which to build. The opportunity is extensive and the potential is unlimited.

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