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The world has gone social and so should your business!


It has networking right in the name! Network marketing is all about meeting people and connecting with them in a meaningful enough way to tell them about your fantastic opportunity. In our offline promoting methods, we hope to meet people at restaurants, on planes and gas stations to give them the good news. In addition, those that we already know like our friends, family and acquaintances are our warm markets. This is tough and limited, it has worked for a few dedicated and persistent go getter’s in the past, but then there was a miracle…. the Internet!

Combined with the power of video marketing, social media is the most powerful tool to grow your business. Webinars are growing and have taken top ranking positions in many markets for getting a clear and professional message out to thousands at the push of a button. If you are not aware of how powerful social media is when used as a tool in network marketing than follow the IMT and watch how we will lead the masses into success through social channels.

We now have a way to meet and connect with hundreds of people we would never have had the opportunity to meet before. The world has gone social media crazy. The number one site on the internet today is Facebook, which is what? A place were people connect and meet each other to share interests and relate. And Facebook is one huge phenomena but is still a small part of the social networking world. Twitter, LinkedIn, Google +, Blogging etc. the list is as long as my arm. This is easily accessible internet real estate to claim and utilize for your internet marketing arsenal.

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