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Jeff Altgilbers

“Strip Yourself of Ego” 2016 Convention

Freedom to Rise from Freedom

Time freedom, financial freedom, lifestyle freedom, and the freedom to choose – these are the dreams that 4life distributors have been achieving for over a decade. Learn how Jeff has found freedom through dedication, hard work, and the 4life financial opportunity.

Illuminate Part One

We are no different than you. Dedicate yourself and you can achieve greatness. You can not have motion without emotion in your business. Some people ask what do they have to do to be successful in this business. I always reply with a simple statement, “do what successful leaders do and you will achieve your dreams”.

Illuminate Part Two

Most people will go through their entire lives and never realize their true potential. It would be sad to get to end of your life and never really know who you were. Your agenda must extend beyond a list of prospects. Your agenda must include personal development. Building yourself is building your business.

Illuminate Part Three

I would reserve Sundays for my dreams. I would drive through rich neighborhoods and dream about owning one of those beautiful homes. I would walk down those streets and tell myself, “this is how its going to be”.

Powered by Platinum Part One

I want to show extreme respect for you viewing this video right now. Many of you have very busy lives and taking the time to view this presentation is very appreciated. Leaders sacrifice time to what they know is great.

Powered by Platinum Part Two

I overcame language barriers by simply not giving up and just finding a way to overcome the barrier. It is important to understand a new member and find out what they want to get out of the 4Life opportunity.

Powered by Platinum Part Three

Get out and mentor your leaders. I have a passion to mentor and grow leaders in 4Life. I share this passion with many others in this business. Sitting back and just watching your leaders work is not how you will grow your business.

Powered by Platinum Part Four

I would go from meeting to meeting supporting my leaders in growing their businesses. We would work together and grow while teaching and educating. It is very important to teach your leaders the proper way of doing business. Do not let them go through the same trial and error that you went through. It makes zero sense to have a leader reinvent the wheel each time they enroll.

Powered by Platinum Part Five

My Asian tours have been a positive experience that have shown me what true dedication can do. When you have leaders below you it is a vital step to call and maintain an open channel of communication. Communication is a key element to creating success. Let them know that they are not alone.

The Power of Network Marketing Part One

Are you ready to be inspired? Inspire to greatness! I am tired of the small amount of Platinum level 4Life leaders. Who will be the next Platinum superstars that will take 4Life into the next generation? Dedicate to mastering this business and you will get more than you ever dreamed of…I promise you!

The Power of Network Marketing Part Two

I have never focused on selling the 4Life product. If I may say, “I do not think that I have ever sold one product in 12 years in this business”. I have given quite a bit of product away, but never sold. My focus has always been on development of leaders.

I Love This Business

The wealth that I have achieved in 4Life goes beyond money. It is a spiritual inner peace, control of my life and TIME. Time to be with my family and watch my children grow. In this fast paced world it is too easy to miss priceless moments.

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